Covid has cooped up a lot of people in their homes but veterinary professionals have been in the hospitals, clinics, and field caring for animals. The Covid 20 means something different to us. It’s the extra 20 animals we squeezed in for an exam on any given day! 

Working in a highly demanding and giving profession, time for ourselves can often come last. But it is possible for the time demands of clinical life to coexist with a running or walking life! And running will clear your mind, calm anxiety, tame stress, and help you with focus as you juggle all those patients. Relief Rover wants to help veterinarians who are struggling so $10 for every runner will be donated to the organization Not One More Vet (NOMV) - (https://www.nomv.org), an organization helping veterinary professionals in crisis.

The Relief Rover Clinic to 5K Virtual Run offers runners and walkers the chance to participate in a 5k at their leisure while knowing that they are helping others.

All entrants will receive the Relief Rover Clinic to 5K Virtual Run Series logo medal, the series logo race bib, and a series logo running cap.

The medals, bibs, and caps will all be Made in the U.S.A.  

Charitable beneficiaries of the Relief Rover Clinic to 5K Virtual Run include: Not One More Vet (NOMV) - (https://www.nomv.org). Registrants will have an opportunity to make additional donations to another charity or charities including PrideVMC and/or Stryder Cancer Foundation. 

Relief Rover Clinic to 5K: 

5k: run or walk any time that works for you or join us on any day in our official 1 week window from July 24 - 31.

Summer Challenge: a summer activity to challenge your heart and body. Starts on May 15th and ends July 31st, 2021.

Registration for Virtual 5k:

$25 - through May 31st

$35 - Starting June 1st

Please register by July 15th so we can ensure your medal, cap, and other swag

Course/Timing: You pick the date. You pick your route. You have your FUN knowing you are helping support mental health in the veterinary profession!




Meet Dr. Juli Danielle

Passion Meets Fitness

Dr. Juli is an avid marathoner, and ultra marathon runner, competing around the
world in races as long as 100 miles. She is a lifetime member of the Marathon
Maniacs organization, and to date has completed more than 100 marathons,
ultra marathons, and half marathon distance races, including qualifying and
running the prestigious Boston Marathon. Her goal is to complete a marathon, or
ultra distance race in each U.S. state. She was featured on ABC’s Nightline,
where she ran the 150Km Jungle Marathon through the heart of the Brazilian
Amazon, to raise awareness and funds for the Stryder Cancer Foundation, which
she founded. Dr. Juli created the Relief Rover Clinic to 5K program to
encourage veterinary professionals to prioritize their mental and physical fitness,
and to aid in the mental health crisis facing many members of the veterinary
profession. She currently works as a small animal relief veterinarian in the states
of California and Florida, and is also a marine mammal consulting veterinarian
with extensive rescue and research experience with dolphins and whales, both in
the USA and abroad.

Click here for Dr. Juli Goldstein's training Program

LINK: https://reliefrover.com/uncategorized/relief-rover-clinic-to-5k-virtual-event/